Lambrusco Rocaforte

Lambrusco Rocaforte is produced in the Emilia Romania region of northern Italy. Emilia Romagna is actually made up of two historical districts, considered to be the most affluent in ancient times. With cold and foggy weather in winter and hot in the summer, are used by many vineyards and vineyards that have become known in Italy and around the world.
The winery used for the preparation of Lambrusco Rocaforte can be dated until 1860, when it was established in Modena, in the region of Emilia Romania. The grapes used in the production of the Lambrusco are collected only from the winery vineyards according to the long tradition that began in the days of the Romans. Lembrusco has a lighter bubbly than champagne with delicate fruit flavors.


Modern production of Lambrusco differs slightly from traditional methods. It uses stainless steel boilers for second fermentation unlike the champagne procedure which adds additional yeast into the bottle before closing it.