Baron d’Arignac

Based in south of France, benefited the generous sunshine and the diversified soils, Baron d’Arignac started to try different grape varieties to blend red, rosé and white wine. When the “great terroir” meets experienced winemaking expertise, there are always surprises!
The wine Baron d’Arignac continued its legend. In 1980’s, this brand was officially commercialized in France. Shouldered family legacy, the decedents carefully conserve Baron d’Arignac’s principles, adhere to wine-making traditions and develop the wine packaging and product range.


Authentic and entrenched in tradition, Baron D’Arignac achieved a huge success. The wines have been exported all around the world. For almost 30 years, Baron D’Arignac is a great companion of the best moments in people’s lives. In 2011, more than 5 millions of Baron d’Arignac bottles were consumed worldwide. People liked the simplicity of Baron D’Arignac, a French wine worthy of the name, a French wine which is easy-drinking, easy going!