About us

M. Akkerman Ltd. was established in 1963 by Menachem Akkerman, and it’s now managed by the family’s second generation and led by Esti and Miki Akkerman.


Today, the company is the official importer of more than 70 different spirit and wine brands, originating in Australia, the United States, Northern Africa and European countries. The company has a team of 100 employees operating in two main locations: Poleg Industrial Park and Haifa.


M. Akkerman Ltd. works to enrich the Israeli drinking culture through hosting international competitions such as Bacardi Legacy, exposing premium and super premium products, promoting international trends in the field of drinking and encouraging local production.

Our vision

Strengthening market leadership through exceptional service experience, innovative thinking and quality products portfolio, while maintaining an emphasis on education and institutionalization of an advanced drinking culture.

Social Responsibility

M. Akkerman Ltd encourages its customers to enjoy its products in a responsible and moderate manner as part of a responsible drinking culture. We discourage under-age drinking, binge drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol. Following that practice we commit ourselves to train all sales and marketing teams to the highest standards in the industry in compliance with the law. The company’s portfolio offers products from international spirit corporations, each acting independently to promote responsible drinking culture, community encouragement, sustainability management, green thinking and philanthropic activities.