Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro uses 40 botanicals that are selected from four different continents. The botanicals are chopped, mixed together in water and boiled for just the right amount of time. Select botanicals develop into extracts thanks to maceration in an aqueos-alcoholic solution for 20 to 30 days. The distillation process creates the heart of the spirit, its purest form from carefully chosen botanicals. At the end of this long and delicate process, each using the 40 botanicals in their own unique way, we are left with 12 essential extract. Adding to the secrecy of the recepie, the 12 essences are blended together and transformed into six aromatic notes. After the six notes are blended according to the original recipe, alcohol, water and sugar added. At the end of this process, Il Premio – which means “prize” in Italian – is added. It is the seventh and final tasting note that is a result of micro-distillation of five unique botanicals. The concoction is so intense, only a single drop in a bottle is needed to compleate our celebrated recipe, (1 liter for every 15,000 bottles).