The making of Bénédictine is a slow process and requires all the skill and know-how of the Master Distiller. He safeguards the secrets of the slow preparation of this liqueur. The full extent of his experience and skill is required to bring each of the stages in the process to perfection and to bring this exquisite alchemy to life.The process begins by infusing each preparation in Neutral alcohol. Each preparation is then distilled slowly or even double-distilled, depending on the ingredients in it. Today as before, distillation is performed in hammered copper stills. These are unique pieces and date from the era of Alexandre Le Grand. These 4 Esprits are blended together. This mixture will then rest for eight long months in a large oak barrel. The Esprits mingle together, releasing the full power of their essences, while mixing together harmoniously. The elaboration process continues with the final blend. Honey and an infusion of precious saffron are added to the blend, and will contribute to creating the saffron and amber hue that is so particular to Bénédictine. The final blend is now ready for double heating to 55°C. This stage allows perfect harmony to be achieved in the composition. The final blend is then aged in large oak barrels for four months. This final ageing process is necessary to put the finishing touch to the subtle balance between the ingredients, as they blend together in a subtle alchemy.

The composition obtained will be filtered to guarantee the impeccable quality of Bénédictine. After a long & sophisticated process, Bénédictine is born.

Benedictine Sling