HXM Inspiration

The award-winning HXM Inspiration winery offers German wine culture, light wines with a young flavor and character. HXM Inspiration has a unique bottle design with strong colors and a young, kicking style. The vineyards are grown in the Rhine-Hassa region, the largest wine-producing region out of Germany’s 13 provinces. The province is best known for its white wine-producing varietals such as the Riesling and the local Libfraumilch. The mountain topography in the district is especially suitable for vineyards and is saturated with various vineyards used for the wine industry.


The wines of HXM Inspiration are graded according to the official German QBA rating. The grading assures the quality of the grapes, the growing area, the flavor of the wine and more. Since HXM Inspiration wines are produced in one of the official growth districts of Germany, all of them have been awarded the QBA rating with control on all wine production processes from vine to bottle.