At the heart of the craft of Brugal is a family recipe – a closely guarded secret to this day, known only by the privileged few and handed down from generation to generation.

Each generation has taken the traditional values and combined them with the newest innovations, ideas and ingredients to keep the legend alive.


Everyone has their own story, their own legend – and Brugal is no different.


The tale starts nearly 130 years ago, in Puerto Plata, with Don Andres Brugal Montaner and his belief in the value of passion, dedication and hard work. Don Andres Brugal Montaner moved to the Dominican Republic with one idea: to perfect the art of rum-making. So it was, that in 1888, the Brugal company – and the Brugal legend – was born. Nearly 130 years later, the rum is still crafted by the Brugal Family; only family members can become a ‘Maestro Ronero’. Jassil and Gustavo, from the family’s 5th generation, now hold that honor. In 2008 Brugal & Co. announces its association with Edrington, one of the biggest and most luxurious spirit corporations.