Vecchia Romagna

Distillation of fine grapes, Vecchia Romagna is an unmistakable brandy. A long aging partly in small oak barrels and a wise recipe will give it a strong and dry taste, an aromatic and complex aroma, a warm and intense color. It is known and appreciated all over the world for its high quality and exclusive triangular bottle.


In 1820 it all began: in Bologna a new company was founded, the “Giovanni Buton Distillery”. Its founder is Jean Bouton, whose distiller family came from the Charente, a region of southern France, home of cognac. After the huge success achieved in France, Jean Bouton is convinced of wanting to transfer his business beyond the Alps. Arriving in Emilia Romagna he understands that from this land will come the grapes for his distillates. In fact, Emilia Romagna has geological and physical characteristics similar to those of the Charente. The chosen vine is Trebbiano Bianco. With the Italianization of his name Bouton ratified the change in his destiny and his work.