Cava Godofredo Brut

Cava Godofredo, originated in Penedes, Spain, is manufactured according to the tradition of second fermentation (Method Champagne) and the aging of between one and a half and two years.
The cava is made from varietals that characterize the Spanish cava, each varietal being harvested at its optimal time.


The grapes are squeezed in a light squeeze to obtain the highest quality and the fermentation is done at a temperature control of 16-18 degrees for 20 days for the extraction of the flavors. The second fermentation takes place in a bottle and lasts 40 days.


Color: pale yellow with gold reflections.
Nose: The smell is delicate, aromatic and fruity.
Taste: It tastes delicate and balanced with a sweet presence.
It is recommended to serve at a temperature of 5-6 degrees.
Cava is very suitable for light foods and excellent for dessert and dishes.