Chardonnay, Macon Villages Cuvee Prestige, Moillard

The most southerly region, and the largest of Burgundy, is the Mâconnais. The hills of Macon form a group separated by parallel faults and are either North / North East or South / South West facing slopes. They extend over 40 km to the west inline with Tournus to Mâcon. Thanks to the powerful abbeys of Cluny and Tournus the vineyards have been established here since Gallo-Roman times. It’s much warmer than the rest of Burgundy and thus offers the most fleshy and plump of all white Burgs.

Colour : White gold with silver highlights.

Nose : Good aromatic intensity with both floral and fruit – jasmine, citrus and passion fruit.

Palate : The mouth is frank, with good acidity and gourmet aromas of white stone fruits.

Recommendations : Ideal as an aperitif, but also with poultry and veal in creamy sauce, creamy risotto with meat or fish, grilled fish, cold antipasti and ratatouille, mixed salads, sushi. Perfect with Goat cheese.

Serving condition in C° : 10-12°C