Louis Royer

Born in 1828, Louis Royer spent all his youth living in the same neighbourhood where our cellars and offices remain located today. At the age of 25, Louis Royer decides to set up his own congac business, hence the foundation of LOUIS ROYER & Co. Royer developed his company thanks to his audacity, maturity and vision of the world. With history dating back to over 160 years, Louis Royer is the story of French family and considerable expertise in the heart of the Congac region.


For the production of Cognac Louis Royer, the brand use the finest vineyards from the Cognac region. The white grapes that grow in the area are considered to be of the highest quality due to the pure soil and the comfortable climate. The earth, in fact, is made of limestone and allows a clean water flow, along with the energy absorbed by the earth from sunlight.
Uni-Blanc grapes (mainly) are harvested and first become wine and later eaux de vie, which means water of life – an alcoholic distillation. The secret to the unique taste of Louis Royer Cognac is the mixing of several types of eaux de vie from several different vines originating from several different growing regions in the Cognac region.After the aging period, the distillates are mixed to create a harmonious flavor under the full supervision of the Master Blender.


The Louis Royer brand is now managed by the fifth generation of the Royer family since the brand was founded. Under the symbol of the bee that has become an icon, cognacs are produced at different levels depending on the aging stage and the combination of the flavors chosen.