Chateau Fonfroide

Château Fonfroide is located on the top of a hillside that dominates the left bank of the Durèzes brook, close to a fresh water spring.

The architecture of the building is quite an exception in the region with its wide inner courtyard overlooking two beautiful fountains. The cellars were built in 1777 and faces the courtyard.

Château Fonfroide has belonged to the same family since 1676. 300 years later, in 1976, Bernard Dutheillet de Lamothe took the lead of the family estate and started to invest in order to modernize the equipments. His son Hughes joined him in 1988 and has extended the vineyards from 20 hectares in 1991 to 75 hectares nowadays.

The property produces three types of wines which are Bordeaux red, Bordeaux white and Bordeaux rosé.