Bacardi Legacy 2018

A BACARDI Legacy cocktail is more than just a great tasting drink: it is a drink that stands the test of time and becomes established in the industry.

The BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition aims to challenge cocktail bartenders from around the world to find the BACARDÍ rum cocktail with the greatest potential to establish itself as a classic and join the pantheon of BACARDÍ Legacy cocktails alongside the Mojito, Daiquirí and Cuba Libre before it.

BACARDÍ Legacy is a cocktail competition that with various national, regional and global stages. It begins locally in each participating country and culminates in a global final where each BACARDÍ Legacy National Champion compete to become the BACARDÍ Legacy Global Champion.

It includes a fundamentally important promotional phase, where bartenders are challenged to demonstrate that their drink has the potential to become established in the drinks industry as a true classic by securing trial, consumer and trade awareness and distribution.

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